How to reset a password

Instructions on how to reset your account password if you forgot it.



1. Navigate to and you will see the sign-in page above. To reset your password, please click "Forgot Password?" just above the sign in button.



2. Now you will see the page above. Please type in the email address you used when you signed up to OKKO Health. Now, click "Reset My Password" to send a reset link to your email.



3. You will receive an email that looks like this. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk folder. Now, click the link and it will redirect you to our reset password page.



4. Once you have followed the link, you will be presented with the screen above. Please type in a new password of 8 characters or more; this needs to include both capital and small letters. Once you have finished typing out the password twice, tap "Change Password" to confirm.

Now your password is reset! Return to your application and sign in using your new details.