Pause function

This article explains how the pause function works during an OKKO Health test.

*Disclaimer: We recommend playing the OKKO Health app when you are free from distractions and able to focus on the test. 


Here is how you can use the pause function during an OKKO Health test, if you are distracted during a session, want to go back to home, or need to start again;


1. Click the pause button in the top right corner. 
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While in pause, you are able to decide if you wish to continue playing or to end the session:


2. If you tap 'End Session' during a test, you will go back to the home screen of the app, and your results for that test (which is uncompleted) will be discarded. Results for completed tests will be saved and submitted. 

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3. If you tap 'Resume', you will go back to the test and are able to continue the session.

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Please note that we recommend not pausing a game for longer periods of time; instead, end the session and play again later when you can do so properly.  


Once back in the test, you can tap 'Redo' in the top left corner to go back to the beginning of the test. Your results for that (uncompleted) test will be discarded, and you can start again.

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Still have questions about the pause function? Please raise a ticket with our team, and we will help you as soon as we can:

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