How to remove the OKKO Health app from your device

Instructions on how to remove the OKKO Health app from your phone.



1. Find the OKKO Health App on the home screen of your device. Once you have found it, hold your finger down lightly on it for approximately five seconds. Eventually, all of your applications will wiggle on the spot as well as showing a small 'X' symbol in the top left corner. (Please see demonstrated above)



2. Tap the 'X' symbol on the OKKO Health App. A pop up window will appear and ask you if you are sure that you want to delete the app. Now tap "Delete", and the application will be removed from your device.

Problems deleting the app? 



If you have followed the steps above, and a different popup appears unexpectedly (see image above), follow these steps instead:


1. Find your settings application on your home screen and tap to open it. (Circled in blue)



2. Select the "General" option




3. Select the "Accessibility" option



4. Select the "3D Touch" option



5. Finally, toggle off the 3D Touch by tapping the green slider. The slider should be grey. 

6. Now that you have turned off the "3D Touch" feature, retry the first steps demonstrated in this articles.


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