How to navigate through the results screen

This article explains how to navigate through the results screen in the OKKO Health app.

The results screen consists of two different sections:

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1. Overview

This section of the results screen gives you a quick overview of your weekly averaged results in the OKKO Health app in the last 4 weeks. You can choose to view only your left eye, only your right eye, or both eyes at the same time.

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You can swap between your results from the different tests by tapping the left/right arrow next to the title.


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2. Specific Week

You can also dive deeper into your results by tapping the week on the graph that you are interested in. This will show you an averaged score for that eye, on that week. These values change depending on which test you are viewing. (For example; Acuity is measured in a value called LogMAR. You can read more about this by tapping the 'Information' button underneath the graph).


If you have any further questions or concerns about the results screen, please raise a ticket with our team, and we will help you as soon as we can:

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